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About Java Express

May 1st, 2000 marked the first day of operation for Java Express. From the basement of founder Kirk Shouvlin's Monroe home to today's 6,000 sq ft plus office/warehouse space, Java Express has come a long way. Kirk's brother Pat and his family moved down from Rhode Island to join in the family business. With one van, Kirk and Pat began calling on companies and sharing the idea behind Java Express. That idea has driven the company to hundreds of customers in only 8 years. And what is that idea? In a nutshell, everyone we spoke to wanted service. And not just lip service!

We knew that if we were going to succeed, we had to be different. Everyone talked about good customer service, but what does that really look like? After interviewing a countless (so it seemed!) number of people, we took what we heard and implemented it into our vision and strategy. This became the back bone of our company.

When we visited potential customers, we typically saw that the coffee brewer was a mess and the coffee pots were dirty. The water cooler was usually not much better. When we asked people if it would make a difference if their equipment was cleaned on a regular basis, we received a resounding yes! When we asked if we brought clean coffee pots on each visit, would that help, again, a big yes! What about no longer having to call in their orders, but have us automatically restock for them? The answer - absolutely!

So beginning with our first customer until today, each scheduled visit includes:

  • Clean Coffee Brewer
  • Clean Water Cooler
  • Restocking inventory

Feedback from our customers has been extremely positive. (Please take a moment and read some of their comments on our Testimony page.) We are continually striving to be innovative so we can better serve each customer. One way we've done that is by investing in technology. Each Route Salesman is in contact with their customers by phone and instant email. Invoices are now emailed directly to reduce paperwork and time.

Our customers appreciate the fact that we do not require contracts. We strongly believe that our service speaks for itself. No one should be forced to stay with us if we do not deliver what we promise. They also value our same day emergency service, as well as the fact that we do not have service charges.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Below are the people that make Java Express work. They are the reason why Java Express is one of the top growing companies in CT.

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